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22 May 2024

Notcoin, a blockchain game powered by TON, is spearheading a surge in Web3 adoption within Telegram’s vast user community. With its captivating ‘idle game’ mechanics, Notcoin has swiftly amassed over 30 million users in less than two months, setting up a wave of cryptocurrency wallets on The Open Network.

This innovative idle game, where users earn NOT tokens by tapping their screens, has successfully onboarded 3% of Telegram’s user base into the Web3 ecosystem. The subsequent listing of NOT tokens on major cryptocurrency exchanges has not only propelled the game’s popularity but also brought financial gains to casual gamers.

Inal Kardan, the gaming lead at TON Foundation, emphasized the unparalleled potential of blockchain gaming to draw new users into the cryptocurrency space. Speaking exclusively to Cointelegraph, Kardan highlighted Notcoin’s meteoric rise as a testament to the accessibility and untapped potential of Telegram as a distribution channel.

According to Kardan, the success of Notcoin and other Telegram-based games underscores the effectiveness of leveraging viral growth mechanics and integrating Web3 functionalities within existing platforms. Unlike traditional ‘play-to-earn’ models, games like Notcoin blend innovative gameplay with familiar monetization tactics like advertising, offering a unique value proposition to users.

Yat Siu, co-founder of Animoca Brands, a blockchain gaming venture capital firm, attributes the success of Web3 games on Telegram to the platform’s flexibility in accommodating viral growth mechanics. Siu notes that while Web2 platforms like Apple and Google have restricted such mechanics, TON and Telegram have embraced them, providing a competitive advantage to Web3 game developers.

Moreover, Siu emphasizes the significance of user engagement strategies employed by games like Notcoin, which align with growth incentives rather than adversarial advertising models prevalent in Web2 platforms.

The rise of Web3 gaming on TON and Telegram is further evidenced by the success of Gamee, a Web3 gaming firm witnessing a surge in daily active users through staking and idle game mechanics. This convergence of Web2 and Web3 gamers within Telegram’s ecosystem signifies a broader shift towards decentralized digital experiences.

Michał Dąbrowski, CEO of Elympics, a blockchain game infrastructure provider, believes that Web3 games are poised to attract a new wave of cryptocurrency users. By leveraging blockchain-based infrastructure, game developers can overcome monetization challenges and provide players with true ownership and value.

As Notcoin continues to captivate millions on Telegram, it serves as a beacon for game developers eyeing the expansive opportunities within the TON ecosystem. With its innovative approach and viral mechanics, Notcoin exemplifies the transformative potential of Web3 gaming in reshaping digital entertainment and fostering crypto adoption.