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06 July 2024

The recent Bitcoin transfers by the German government could significantly impact the market. Over $172 million worth of Bitcoin, totaling 3,000 BTC, has been moved to various crypto exchanges and an unknown wallet.

Major Bitcoin Movement by German Government

On July 4, blockchain investigator PeckShieldAlert identified a substantial transfer of 1,300 Bitcoin (BTC) from a cryptocurrency wallet labeled “German Government (BKA).” The $75 million in Bitcoin was distributed across three major crypto exchanges: Coinbase, Kraken, and Bitstamp.

Detailed Breakdown of Transfers

Cointelegraph’s further investigation revealed that alongside the 1,300 BTC transferred to exchanges, an additional 1,700 BTC were moved to a separate wallet address. PeckShield confirmed these movements, noting:

“Total 3K out (from German gov’t labeled wallet), including 1.3K -> CEXs and 1.7K -> (to a wallet address) 139PoPE1bKQam8QJjhVjYDP47f3VH7ybVu.”

While the initial 1,300 BTC were directed to centralized crypto exchanges, the remaining 1,700 BTC were transferred to another crypto wallet, as per data from on-chain analytics platform Arkham Intelligence.

Implications for Bitcoin Market

The German government has moved more than 3,000 BTC to multiple exchanges in the past two weeks. These large transfers, combined with ongoing movements by the U.S. government and the upcoming Mt. Gox repayments, could increase selling pressure on Bitcoin.

Since February 2024, the wallet labeled by the German government has held 50,000 BTC and has been steadily transferring a significant portion of its holdings over recent months.

Governments worldwide, including Germany, have confiscated Bitcoin and other digital assets linked to criminal activities. They often hold auctions to sell these seized assets.

Historical Context of Government Bitcoin Sales

The U.S. government has previously sold a considerable amount of Bitcoin linked to the notorious dark web marketplace Silk Road. In 2014, American entrepreneur and Bitcoin advocate Tim Draper purchased 29,656 BTC from the Silk Road stash in an auction organized by U.S. marshals.