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16 April 2024

Bitcoin Depot, a leading Bitcoin ATM operator, stands resilient amidst the fluctuating tides of Bitcoin prices. Despite the rollercoaster rides of the cryptocurrency market, the firm maintains its financial stability, attributing it to a strategic balance in Bitcoin holdings.

In its recently filed 10-K annual report, Bitcoin Depot revealed a fascinating trend: its revenues, totaling $689 million in 2023 and $647 million in 2022, show little correlation with Bitcoin’s price movements. Even during Bitcoin’s meteoric 155% surge in 2023, Bitcoin Depot’s revenue growth remained modest at just 6%.

This resilience stems from the nature of Bitcoin Depot’s services, as highlighted by the company. Through user surveys, it’s evident that a significant portion of their clientele utilizes their products for practical purposes like money transfers and online purchases, rather than speculative trading.

To further mitigate exposure to Bitcoin price volatility, Bitcoin Depot strategically maintains a low balance of Bitcoin, typically less than $0.8 million at any given time.

They achieve this by purchasing Bitcoin from reputable liquidity providers like Cumberland DRW and Abra, refraining from engaging in Bitcoin mining activities.

A breakdown of Bitcoin Depot’s working capital reveals two primary components: Bitcoin held in hot wallets to fulfill user transactions and cash stored in Bitcoin ATM kiosks. Remarkably, cash in these kiosks accounts for approximately 21% of Bitcoin Depot’s average monthly revenues, providing additional stability.

Since its establishment in 2016, Bitcoin Depot has expanded its reach globally, operating over 7,000 Bitcoin ATM machines worldwide, making it the largest cryptocurrency ATM operator according to CoinATMRadar.

Despite the slight decline in global Bitcoin ATM installations in 2023, Bitcoin Depot’s CEO, Brandon Mintz, remains optimistic, anticipating a resurgence in the industry following the upcoming Bitcoin halving event.

In summary, Bitcoin Depot’s ability to navigate through Bitcoin’s volatility showcases its resilience and strategic foresight in managing both operational and financial aspects amidst the ever-changing cryptocurrency landscape.