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07 July 2024

Consensys has announced its acquisition of Wallet Guard, aiming to bolster MetaMask’s security features and protect users from increasing Web3 threats.

In a strategic move to enhance the security of its popular crypto wallet, MetaMask, Consensys has acquired Wallet Guard. This acquisition is set to integrate Wallet Guard’s cutting-edge security tools into MetaMask, aiming to eliminate user fund losses due to scams, fraud, and theft in the Web3 ecosystem.

Strengthening MetaMask Security with Wallet Guard

Wallet Guard’s expertise in transaction validation and client-side heuristics will be leveraged to enhance MetaMask’s security features. Users can expect advanced capabilities such as scam and drainer detection, phishing protection, and transaction analysis APIs.

Integration Details

The Wallet Guard team will join Consensys and become part of the MetaMask Product Safety Team to ensure a seamless transition. Patrick Berarducci, head of Consensys’ MetaMask and Infura Business Group, highlighted the benefits of this integration, stating that it will protect users from evolving threats like malicious DApps and scams through sophisticated detection mechanisms.

Berarducci elaborated:

“Users will be protected from the ever-evolving threats in our ecosystem such as malicious DApps and scams through advanced phishing detection, web scrapers, and blocklist and transaction analysis APIs that allow for an advanced scam detection.”

A Focus on User Safety

The acquisition underscores Consensys’s commitment to user safety in the face of rising crypto threats. The “2024 Crypto Crime Report” by Chainalysis revealed that over $1.7 billion in crypto assets were stolen through scams in 2023, highlighting the urgent need for enhanced security measures in the Web3 space.

Berarducci further commented:

“We believe integrating them into Consensys/MetaMask will be an additional layer of security for our users, in addition to our continued collaborations with security partners with Web3.”

Legal Challenges

Despite this progress in user security, Consensys faces ongoing legal challenges. The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has filed a lawsuit against Consensys, alleging it operated as an unregistered broker and collected over $250 million in fees without proper SEC registration. In response, Consensys sued the SEC, accusing the agency of pursuing an anti-crypto agenda through ad hoc enforcement actions.

This acquisition marks a significant step in Consensys’s efforts to safeguard MetaMask users while navigating regulatory hurdles.